Voor Polar bear nam ik samen met Eneas Mentzel  het geluid op voor deze VTM GO reeks. In première op Filmfestival Oostende.

Filmfolie maakte deze prachtige video voor Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen. Ik nam het geluid op op set en deed de audio post-productie samen met Cameraman Mel Zagers.

Bij de opnames van de 1e aflevering serie ‘Bloedkoralen van de bastaard’ door Marnix Ruben Productiehuis CTV Zeeland Media was ik boom operator.


I mixed & mastered this cinema-trailer


Jade Van Der Moere made a short animated movie for which I did the sounddesign. I also recorded all of the sounds myself.

Bart Van Oosten produced this portret of visual artist Chantal Pollier. I recorded the audio.

or the city of Brussels I recorded a voice-over for a promotional video of ‘Paspartoe’ a promo-pass to collect points at cultural events in Brussels.

Muriel Grégoire took care of the video, STLvisuals took care of the animation and Warre Borgmans did the voice-over.


For the company Rhodo Hygge I recorded the audio on location for this short promo-video at Daan Hugaert’s place. Video by Muriel Grégoire


Katrien Brondeel composed music to poems written by her dad. We recorded all the songs starting of with piano, drums and bass at the same time. After checking out the recordings we did some overdubs where needed. After that we recorded backing vocals and violin. Once everything was on point I took care of the mix/master and had it pressed to CD. Drawings were done by Jan Brondeel, I took care of the graphic design and prepared everything for print. Performing artists: Katrien Brondeel : main vocals & piano, backing vocal : Hadewijch Vermeire, Violin : Graciela Zaera Moraña, Drum : Sam Goekint, Bas: Boris Debeuf.

The album is available on most streaming services like spotify , … or contact Katrien here to get a physical copy.


Kati Amo is A Theatrical project by Leonthine Vanwassenhove and Stan Vangheluwe. Stan wrote the music, I recorded the vocals and took care of the mix and master.


‘Leonthine & de Goestedoenders’ is a theatrical project from ‘De Brugse Poort’ in Gent. Children of different ages get together to sing, dance and act. Besides all the fun, they also release music video’s about current topics for everyone to enjoy. I record, mix and master all the songs and took care of the drums & Orchestral arrangement on ‘Blijf geloven’.


The duo ‘Skjeeve skoojers’ play traditional Irish and Scottisch folk songs and French Chansons. The aim of these recordings was to keep it as natural sounding as possible so I decided to recorded everything at once in only one take, using only 3 mics. The guys performed wonderfully and after just a few takes we got the results we wanted. Vocals and accordion by Piet Loose, Backing vocals and tin whistle by Four-fingered Fre.

‘Skjeeve Skoojers’ facebook-page.


For a puzzle game I was asked to make some music. The music was ment to play in the background and couldn’t be to intrusive so players could figure out the puzzles without being distracted too much.


For a video-report of Cebu City by Quindo I was asked to make a some background music loosely inspired on traditional Phillippine music with a modern twist.


For the company Terumo I created music for a 3D presentation at a medical fair Animated by Mindscape3D.


Mindscape3D asked me to record voiceovers to implete in this virtual walk in a destroyed Dendermonde during world war I in 1914. They already had voice-actor Alain ‘proviste lined up for the job but needed an additional voice-actres. So I called Leonthine Van Wassenhove who did a great job providing the female-voices. After Cleaning up the recordings I added some ‘lo-fi’-effects to fit the atmosphere.

Take the virtual walk here or listen to the audio samples below:


Alina Pralina is theatrical act telling story’s to children. She asked me to record 4 audio-story’s to release as a promotional-cd to hand out after shows. The recordings are a mix of songs and story’s and to enhance the emmersion I added background-sounds and soundeffects.

Alina Vernaeve: Author, vocals & voices, Brecht De Smet: Flute, guitar, vocals & voices, Pieter De Wilde: hang drum, ngoni and voices. Johannes Dezutter: accordeon, Anna Agten: vocals.

I made a little montage of clips taken from the story’s.


Unimersiv asked me to create soundeffects for their Virtual reality Simulation “Dinos”. Besides the hornsound of the Parasaurolophus I had to make up my own sounds because there is little information on how they could have sounded. I recorded all of the samples like footsteps,surroundings and animal movement while watching the videoclips I got from the 3D-Designers to get the most realistic result. After that I got together with the Design-team to insert all of the sound into the simulation and making the last little changes where needed.The video below shows a few clips taken from the simulation. For more information on the simulation go here.